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What Is Getting In The Way Of Success?

Think about growing a plant …

First you plant a seed. Then you spend time tending to it and giving it what it needs to grow (sunlight, soil, etc.).

Everyday as you tend to the seed, it grows, a little bit at a time. You may not see growth in the moment, but over time you will see how much growth and progress. And after time that seedling has grown and become the plant it was always meant to be.

What happens if you plant a seed and then leave it without providing care? It doesn’t flourish and eventually it dies all together. Plain and simple.

Your ideas, decisions and plans. These are all seeds in your business and are the necessary starting point of everything you do.

Every time you embrace a new idea or change direction you are starting over. You have to go back to the beginning and plant a new seed.

As an entrepreneur you love your ideas (as you should). You call everyone and say "OMG I just had the best idea!" You brag about your ideas on social media, and tease people with the promise that your ideas will lead to greatness. You also hold some close in case someone tries to ‘steal’ them from you. Believe me I know how easy it is to get caught up in every new idea or opportunity thinking "This is THE ONE that will finally bring me the success I’ve been dreaming about!"

Only to find that maybe it isn't. It's taking longer than expected and the process is harder than you thought it would be. So again you look to the next idea. The next 'bring shiny seed' wondering if perhaps that will be the 'THE ONE' instead.

Changing direction could be the very thing that is stifling your business growth. I say this with love of course.

Have you given yourself ample opportunity and time with your current plan to really dig in and see what's possible?

Have you invested in the right support team to help you execute on your current plan to see what can happen when you don’t have to manage it all yourself?

I’m not discouraging from ever changing directions; there will definitely be times in your entrepreneurial journey where it makes sense to do so and may even be required.

However, if you’ve been trying several different ideas and approaches and still haven't been able to create the success you are looking for, perhaps it's time to explore the support of a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) to help you get some of your incredible ideas across the finish line.

Growing a business is not always fun, sexy and successful. It can even be downright draining & frustrating at times to 'stick with it'.

But with a Certified OBM on your team, providing leadership, support and a fierce commitment to ‘getting things done’ you may soon find yourself surrounded by a forest of fully developed trees instead of a desert of barely tended to seeds.

We weren’t meant to accomplish big things alone. Let’s chat about how I may be able to help make sure the right THINGS, get done at the right TIME, in the right WAY and by the right PEOPLE in your business.


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