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Get it Done Squad

You can do it all … BUT WHY?

As entrepreneurs, we get sidetracked with the work that’s needed to run your business but oftentimes, your business ends up running you.

Interested to know what’s included

It just makes sense!

Wouldn't you like it if your business had the help it needed so you could focus your efforts and energy on making strategic business moves? Remember what it was like to just offer your services without the crazy need to be everywhere and yet nowhere? 


We can help you! We’re not just a virtual agency, in fact, we don't call ourselves an agency. We’re your Get It Done Squad and we do whatever it takes to help you succeed so you can grow and scale your business. 

My Experience ...

I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs get ghosted by their Virtual Assistant (VA) or receive completed assignments only to realize that the VA missed the mark. Some of the bad experiences are because of a lack of a foundation from the start. It's not always easy to just hire someone and send them on their way. There needs to be a “get to know each other” period and planned process to onboard them into your business to fully incorporate them as a team member.


But this is a very time-consuming process and that’s where we come in! We work with you on a business manager level to understand your business and your needs. We listen and make sure the tasks you want completed are communicated to the VAs in the way they understand best. 

Qualities of a Great Manager

A great manager demonstrates empathy, delegates tasks effectively, sets clear goals and expectations, and makes communication a priority. They should be bringing out the best in their team. But honestly, the time it takes to do all of that cancels out the time you were hoping to save by hiring a team. Don’t we just want to get the work done? With our team you don't need to worry about the hand holding of a new team member, you’ll be the one that feels supported by an efficient and well-run team.

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