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The Proper Way To Delegate

Whether you’re the boss, an entrepreneur, or have a similar position of authority, you need to delegate effectively. Delegation is the key to running a successful business or an organization. This step can help you maximize team productivity. If you don’t lead your team the right way, your workplace will become stressful and chaotic.

Proper delegation keeps you sane when the workload is heavy and you are facing tight deadlines. With proper delegation, you can bring the best out of your team.

There are still many leaders and entrepreneurs who lack good delegation skills, despite the value effective delegation offers. But like any skill, you can learn and improve in this area. Let’s look at five ways you can delegate properly:

1. Plan and Prepare

The first and most crucial part of delegation is planning and preparing. Don’t see planning as a hindrance to starting your work. You need to invest some time in planning out the tasks. Planning helps you divide and assign tasks properly. You can figure out an effective method for completing projects before the deadlines.

2. Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses

It is important to evaluate your staff’s strengths and weaknesses and use them effectively. When assigning tasks, assess your employees’ skills and potential. Delegate the task to employees with the right skills to perform a certain task. This seems like an obvious thing; however, leaders tend to delegate the task to the employee with the lightest workload. Remember, you don’t have to distribute work evenly. You have to focus on efficiency when you delegate.

3. Assigning the Tasks

Before you assign the tasks, decide what and who to delegate to. You must know which tasks to assign and which ones to complete yourself. Be careful when assigning tasks. You must pick people who are well-suited to perform the task. You’ll get better at assigning tasks with time.

4. ​Communicate Effectively

You should be clear when handing down the tasks to your employees or team members. Each member of your team should be aware of their responsibilities. Make sure you establish good communication with everyone around you. Encourage your employees to ask questions if they face any confusion in executing the task you assigned to them.

5. Monitor Your Team

Your job isn’t over after assigning the tasks properly and giving out a clear set of instructions. You have to implement effective measures to monitor performance after you delegate. You have to make sure your team works properly and completes the task on time. This way, you can maintain the quality of work and deliver results on or before the deadline. Also, you need to keep an eye on each employee, determining which team members require tight control and the ones who can work independently.

Delegate To Your Team

Start by determining the outcomes. Know your team and assign tasks responsibly. Establish control and good communication. Provide support to your team members. Keep up with their work and progress. Make changes where necessary and focus on the results. When you complete the work, give credit where it’s due. All these steps help you delegate effectively and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Do you need help finding the proper way to delegate in your business? Drop us a note and we'll set you up with a 20-minute complimentary consultation to help you organize your mind and see if there's an opportunity to assist you in delegating your business activities.


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