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Interviewing Tips and Tricks

Hiring people for your organization is a very important task, which you need to do carefully. Your focus should be on more factors than the candidate’s skills and qualifications. You need to analyze whether the candidate is good enough to fit within your organization. You have to assess them to know if their personality and work style will complement your team or not. Here are some tips on how you can find the perfect candidate.

Ditch the Office

One great strategy is to conduct interviews outside the office. Have a meeting with your candidate over a meal, coffee, or a walk. This will help you see how the candidate behaves in the normal day-to-day setting. Learning how a person engages with others will help you know them better. You will get a sense of your candidate’s personality and observe their behavior, which you will not be able to notice in a conference room or office setting.

Get to the Good and Bad

Ask your candidate about the best and the worst day of their work. The answers will be very revealing. The ‘best day’ answers what tasks your candidates can carry out perfectly well.

The ‘worst day’ answers can tell how good your candidate is as a team player. If the response focuses on something that went wrong without your candidate taking any ownership, they may not be who you are looking for. They might not succeed well in the collaborative environment of your organization.

Scare Them

It is not bad to scare your candidate a little. Ask them, ‘’what will your boss say about you if I call them?’’ Your candidate would believe that you could call their boss. They will give an honest response about themselves.

Inquire About the Candidate’s Concerns

‘’Are there any concerns you have regarding our company?’’ This may seem like a strange question to ask. However, no company or organization is perfect, and everyone has their concerns about it. Your candidate has done their research and knows what downsides your company has.

You want to work with people who can thrive, learn, develop themselves for better, and contribute to making a difference for your company. You must show your candidate that you value openness, trust, and transparency by asking about their concerns. Your ideal candidate will give you an honest response.

Know What Tough Decision Your Candidate Has Made

Everyone has to make tough decisions. You need to hire someone who is pretty good at it. Good decisions are made on the bases of proper reasoning and analysis. Great decisions are based on the data and interpersonal considerations. Your candidate must know that an important decision has an impact on and must be carried by everyone around. They must know that they will not be working as an individual but rather as a team.

See What Business Your Candidate Would Love To Start

Some of your candidates are future entrepreneurs in training. They may want to work with you for now, but someday, they will move on and open up their own business. Meanwhile, you will be benefitting from their entrepreneurial drive and attitude.

Ask them what business they would love to start. The type of business they have in mind does not matter much. However, the fact that they have ideas, hopes and dreams do matter for you to pick the right person. They can bring the same ideas and hopes to your business.

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