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An OBM is In Your Business With You

There are many benefits to hiring a Certified OBM, but I would say the main one is this:

An OBM is IN your business with you.

They are managing the day-to-day activities. They are a part of the team. They are rolling up their sleeves to drive projects and ensure that business goals are being met.

They are a true success partner in the journey - with you every step of the way.

Let's be real... It can be lonely in our own business. Even when we have a team, it can often feel like it's still all on our shoulders to move things forward. To make sure stuff is getting done. To ensure the team has what they need. To layout strong systems and a foundation for sustainable success.

We can get to the point where yes, we are making money BUT our business has become a real drag. The weight of it can become a burden that gets heavier and heavier over time.

Coaching support is essential. Strategic support is important as well. Masterminds are great. We need those things as leaders but they aren't IN the business with us day to day.

Imagine having someone IN your business who cares about it as much as you do.

Who shows up each day, in service of your mission and clients.

Who considers your success to be their success.

That's what it means to hire a Certified OBM.

Want to have someone ‘in’ your business with you? Let’s talk.


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