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Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! I'm so excited for this opportunity to introduce myself separately from the formal business bios we all need to write for ourselves. So I figured a blog would be the best way to get started on the informal introduction about who Jessica is and why I started this business.

I started this business out of love for process and procedure. Hard to believe that anyone would love processes, right? But it's true … I've worked for several companies and started several businesses in my career. What I found to be true with all my experiences, no matter the industry and title, was that I had a fondness for order, structure, and flow. Not only did I enjoy the structure, I wanted to create it. Efficiency excited me, and I wanted to figure out a way to turn it into a career. Spreadsheets, checklists, organization, discipline …. Bring it on!

I always had a dream of starting my own business and being an entrepreneur. I mean who doesn’t want to be their own boss and set their own rules; however, growing up the way I did, the thought of being a consultant or a small business owner was taboo and only for those who couldn't find a 9-5 job, so there went the dream. Self-doubt overcame me, and I stayed hustling for someone else instead until my life was flipped upside down and I had to reevaluate my path.

After some self-evaluating I realized that I had a love for event planning and teaching – shocker – they both require organization, structure, and discipline. With that, I started the journey of creating two new business ventures within the event industry. I still engage in both planning and teaching to this day, but after I created and implemented the processes for those businesses, I found myself unchallenged and needing something more fulfilling. I mean don't get me wrong, I still enjoy planning weddings (I am an expert at timelines) and I still teach event planners because it brings me joy but I decided to make those my passion projects (or side hustles) and not my main business focus.

Which brings me to J. Marin Consultancy. This is the beginning of a new and amazing business that allows me to work with all types of business owners, not just event professionals, helping them with tasks they don't particularly like to do or work on things they may not be good at … streamlining their business.

My services help entrepreneurs in so many ways including running a more efficient business and spending more time selling. Gone are the days of retyping emails repeatedly. I offer companies the ability to have someone else look “under the hood of their car” and provide much-needed feedback on what may not be working correctly such as sending client contracts incorrectly or not properly on-boarding your staff. Once you systematize these activities once you don’t need to continue doing it. Which means you get to save time in the long run and you might actually be able to take that long overdue vacation because your business can run on autopilot. These are just a few of the benefits when working together.

Welcome to my exciting journey. I look forward to meeting and interacting with new people and sharing the entrepreneurial journey with people who get it.

Schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation to learn how we can help you build on all three elements of success.

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