When working with clients we go through a strategic process to get the best results.

Here are the steps we take to make it happen.



At J. Marin Consultancy, we want to learn as much as possible. Our goal in this first step is to understand what motivates you, learn your work-style, celebrate your successes, and evaluate which areas need help.

Our business analysis begins with the simple process of LISTENING. Our job is to hear what you're saying and (just as important) what you're not saying. This step can take several meetings because we want you to take time to think about what challenges you are facing and what goals you want to create for your business.  

Just complete our questionnaire, show up to our first call and we'll take it from there.


During the Research & Strategy step, my team and I review all the data gathered from you and your team. We research options and tools to develop a comprehensive analysis of how your business can be efficient.  We also look at innovative ways to eliminate redundancies and optimize key processes within your business from your client on-boarding process to your accounting system.

Our goal is to provide you with a plan to streamline your business so you can focus on growth and success (and yourself)!

Here are some examples of how we've helped our clients:

  • Email setup and consolidation

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software suggestions based on your needs

  • Human Management Solutions: job descriptions, interviewing, on-boarding, terminating, reviewing, managing, communicating, etc.   

  • Documenting internal processes, creating user manuals, training employees


So we've gathered information, analyzed findings and created strategies for you to streamline your day-to-day operations. The next step includes connecting with you to review the assessment we created and evaluate feasibility for each project. Each client is unique so the number of projects we recommend will vary.

​“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In a perfect world, we would wave a wand, all the projects would be completed and you’d be on your way to operating the leanest, money-making organization possible. Since real results take hard work, we take the projects and work with you to prioritize them based on budget, time, capabilities, and personnel restrictions.


Once you receive your assessment and we've planned your projects, now we work with you to stay on track. At J Marin Consultancy we use this step to give us time to monitor your progress with those projects and provide you and your team with support as you navigate through the journey of being streamlined and organized.


We also use this time to hold you accountable for what you agreed to. Almost every entrepreneur we meet says they would love to have someone cheering them on and because we have such a vested interest in our client's success we provide the support you need in order to make it happen. Some people need to be held accountable in order to finish a project (or even just to start it) so we think this step is critical in order to run a successfully efficient business.


Not every business owner/operator:

  • knows how to manage projects,

  • use technology,

  • have the time to dedicate,

  • or have the management skills to hire and lead a team

therefore, we offer implementation services for a variety of strategic solutions that can help you implement those necessary, time-consuming projects.

These services vary based on our client's needs and what we've outlined in their assessment. When you decide to hire us to implement the project you are essentially hiring us to be the project manager.

Services range from: 

  • Hiring the right staff for your business

  • Finding compatible vendors to work with 

  • Getting the necessary programs and systems in place for your business


During our complimentary 15-minute call we will: 

  • get clear on the vision you have for your business,

  • identify the obstacles and bottlenecks that are sucking up your time and stopping you from reaching your goals and,

  • create a clear plan for you to move forward.


Consulting & Event Planning


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